Establishing UIA - WY


The United Individualists of America


Wyoming led the country in giving women the right to vote and I expect the state to take the lead once again in establishing The United Individualists of America. For several reasons, I believe Wyoming deserves our initial focus:

  • Wyoming has a strongly individualist population increasingly disgusted with Washington's fascist policies.
  • Wyoming has a small population of only half a million people, which may be reached with a minimum core of immigranting individualist.
  • Wyoming provides a »Galt's Gulch« seclusion from the vicissitudes of rampaging totalitarianism.
    • Wyoming is, just flat out, a beautiful place to live.

The citizens of Wyoming are blessed with an individualist sense of life, but are hampered from lacking a thorough understanding of the philosophy of individualism that leaves them exposed to fascist/socialist buzzwords. They are a people, however, who respond readily to the message and philosophy of individualism (the effectiveness of my columns written while residing in Evanston give evidence to this).

Promotion of the message and philosophy of individualism, requires a »Special Forces« like deployment of ideologues throughout the state. While there are a number of freedom activists in the state already, by encouraging emigration of freedom's vanguard from the east to Wyoming and focusing our energies on this state, we can quickly create the beachhead for the establishment of The United Individualist of America.

By importing no more than 50 individualist into the state, deployed into the nine regions of the state and working in concert, Wyoming can become the shining beacon of freedom leading the other Rocky Mountain states to the establishment of a free republic.

There will be no establishment of »defense forces« like other troubled secessionist movements; this is not a »military« deployment. This is ideological activism focused on a receptive target population.

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