Gun Free Home Kit

Enhance your family's safety

with the Gun Free Home Kit

Now you too can feel safe and enjoy the peace of mind that our children have come to appreciate in our public schools. By declaring your home a "school" you can earn this level of security guaranteed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF).

The Gun Free Home Kit includes a yard sign, information on how to activate your own "gun free school zone", Gun Free Car bumper sticker, and personalized toe-tag ID card.

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For your Gun Free Home Kit send $19.95 to: Gun Free Home Kit

Warning: If you wish to display the Gun Free Residence sign on your property, display the Gun Free Car bumper sticker, or be listed in the official Gun Free Home Directory, you must sign and return the Gun Free Home Contract that grants severe legal recourse to anyone who discovers that you are armed with a gun. The Gun Free Home Kit is not, under any circumstances, to be used to poach criminals. Such poaching will be litigated to the fullest extent by, publisher of the Gun Free Home Kit. Do not display any Gun Free Home products if you are unwilling to abide by the terms of the Gun Free Home Contract.

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