Lodging Tax I

Lodging Tax I

by Mark A. Laughlin

Copyright © by Mark A. Laughlin

A propoganda campaign to gain mob support for the lodging tax is underway. This Orwellian indoctrination program promoses the citizens of Evanston that they will not be the victims of this tax. And that they should not be so principled as to protest making others its victim.

The true victims of this intervention are the inn-keepers. If all inn-keepers were truly for this tax, then there is no need dor the state to force this tax upon them. They can simply work together in a voluntary manner to achieve their ends. The victim is the one ore more inn-keepers who oppose this levy. They are being forced to collect extra funds from their clients.

Furthermore, if this tax is so beneficial for our community, why be such pikers about it...lets make it 10%, 30% or even 100%. Moreover we can seek out other businesses that deal with "foreigners" and make them tax collectors, too.

I work at Ehman, Inc. We deal with clients all over the world. Taxing some sleepy travelers on interstate I-80 is nothing. Ehman, Inc. could suck blood from the whole world.

We can even extend the priciple further and require all shoppers in Evanston to present an ID upon purchase.If they are foreigners charge them a 15% sales tax instead of our "measly" 4%.

The lodging tax is an example of unlimited democracy gone berserk. In the early part of this century the United States suffered a bloodless coup making the United States a democracy. The United States was once a representative republic.

We can now vote to subjugate any minority to the whims and desires of any majority. A vote "yes" is a vote for forcing others to fund your desires. A vote "yes" means a man with a gun will visit any who do not wish to submit to the mobs demand and forece compliance...or imprison and kill, if need be. A vote "yes" is a sanction on the use of force in human affairs.

This is not an issure that should even be permitted a vote. But in a democracy we must vote "NO" to stop the envy motivated mob. We must vote "NO' to save those who the mog is ready to sacrifice. A "NO" vote is imperative to maintain a society of cooperation and benevolence. Achievable only by eliminating the use of force in human affairs.

A vote of "NO", however, is not enough. Heroic efforts are necessary to regain the lost republic. Ben Franklin, when asked at the Constitutional convention what kind of government they were giving the young nation replied "A republic, if you can keep it."

A republic is all that can save us from universal slaughter and economic ruin, but only if we can get it back.