Please....sit down

Please, sit down and enjoy J. Neil Schulman's first feature film, "Lady Magdalene's".

Keep in mind this is a low budget film...even for an indie film. But this "little film that could" has many wonderful elements. There are some really humorous moments and good musical pieces, many sung by the soulful, cabaret screen presence of Nichelle Nichols.

The deadpan humor is carried off, Tom Hanks/Dan Akroyd style, by Ethan Keogh who plays IRS Agent Goldwater.

If the AFT featured special agents as played by lovely Susan Smythe, well I'll fire up that moonshine still in the backyard, smuggle in some Cuban cigars, and buy a full auto battle rifle sans $200 tax...bring your cuffs, darling.

You gotta love scenes that include the AFT and IRS in bed together...literally.

This low budget, indie film is plenty fun. But my favorite part was the credits. Now a cynic might say "yeah, it is finally over...", but no, please...sit down and enjoy the credits. The credits feature lots of little out takes and some really solid and fun original, music selections.

All in all, a great first film for novelist J. Neil Schulman. I can't wait to see a film version of his most recent novel, Escape From Heaven. I'll definitely be "going back again."