The Philosophy in Defense of Firearms

The Philosophy in Defense of Firearms

by Mark A. Laughlin

Copyright © by Mark A. Laughlin

Today the right to arms is under attack from many fronts; The medical profession refers to firearms as an epidemic, the peace activists abhor using force to defend one's life, the animal rights activists condemn the hunter as a murderer, racists play on the fears of gun-toting blacks, environmentalists declare that man is not worth defending, feminists demand that women surrender their right of self-defense in favor of the paternalistic state, consumerists warn that guns are dangerous, drug prohibitionists call for the suspension of Constitutionally protected rights, radical police chiefs admire totalitarian regimes, and priests seek the sacrifice of the good for the street thug.

What is the common underlying theme of all these assaults on the right to arms? What is the basic philosophy of all gun control activists? And what is the philosophy upon which the right to arms rests?

It is no accident, warns The Philosophy In Defense Of Firearms, that gun control advocates are all anti-property. It is no accident that they are all socialists or fascists of one variant or another. So long as you accept their philosophical premises, they are logically consistent; but it is their basic philosophical ideas that are corrupt.

The Philosophy In Defense Of Firearms will guide you on a comprehensive tour of the foundations of the right to arms. You will explore:

  • Ideas fundamentally incompatible with the right to arms.
  • The irrationality of gun control.
  • The gun control mentality.
  • Why we will lose the right to arms.
  • How to regain the right to arms.
  • Why most pro-gun organizations are largely helpless.
  • The right to nukes? Rebellion? Civil disobedience?

Anything less and you will lose your guns!

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