Ski Tax I

by Mark A. Laughlin

Copyright © by Mark A. Laughlin

Dear Editor,

Over a year ago in my "Open Letter to Dennis Poppinga," I asked not for Dennis Poppinga's resignation, but that he institute a program of privatization of the Parks and Recreation Department.

Mr. Poppinga has ignored the reasons that I stated that such a move was necessary and now, in fact, further enmeshes himself and the Parks and Recreation Department in socialist planning by calling for a tax funded ski resort.

Now imagine this: Mr. Poppinga, and his fellow elitist, believe that they have the right to force everyone to finance and support their whims. Ranchers who have never skied in their life are to be taxed to support Mr. Poppinga's "playboy" activities. The elderly or disabled who cannot ski will be taxed to pay for the well groomed slopes. Busy entrepreneurs who haven't the time to hang out at the ski lodge will have to pay and collect this tax. Even skiers who prefer the world class facilities in Park City and elsewhere will be forced to subsidize the skiers remaining here.

If there is really a demand for a local ski resort, then private capital and private entrepreneurs will provide it. Why do these elitist continue to believe that they have the right to force everyone to pay for this "Ski Evanston" plan?

I hope that Evanston skiers who would like to have local place to ski will not allow their desires to culminate in such an unsavory practice. Those who propose and support this "master plan" have lost connection whatsoever with the concept of "man's rights."

It was almost a year ago that Brian Watkins of Provo was murdered in New York City and the world gasped in horror to discover that the killer used the loot from this killing to dance through the night at a local disco. Well, citizens, are you going to sit still for this assault? Will we permit Poppinga and his FTS (Free To Ski) gang to abscond with the loot and ski the night away? [Brian Watkins' killer was a member of the Fuck This Shit gang]

This gang and other city parasitic freeloaders have done our community enough damage. With just reason and letters we have nearly always matched their tax subsidized propaganda. With just a little organization we will topple and leave them buried under their leviathan schemes.