Who was Major General Edwin A. Walker?

On 17 April 1961, Major General Edwin A. Walker, Commanding General of the 24th Infantry Division, was relieved of his command by Secretary of the Army Elvis J. Stahr. Why was MG Walker -- a highly decorated 1st Special Service Force veteran of World War II, the Pentagon operations officer who coordinated the Greek victory over Communist insurgents in 1947, an infantry and artillery commander in Korea, and rated the best division commander in the U.S. Army -- relieved of his command? Because he was an outspoken anti-Communist, and in the John F. Kennedy administration, anti-Communism was an unpardonable "crime."

MG Walker was among the first, along with General Douglas MacArthur, to protest the United Nations and the Council on Foreign Relations dominated U.S. State Department's "no-win" policy during the Korean War. In 1959 he submitted a resignation letter to his superiors in the Pentagon protesting the subversion of the U.S. military by "fifth column conspiracy and influence in the United States...[and its] influences on the home front." His resignation was rejected and he was given command of the 24th Infantry Division in Augsburg, Germany. To educate his soldiers about the evils of Communism, and counter the morale sapping influences of "Leftist" journalism directed againstthe U.S. Army, MG Walker implemented the "Pro-Blue" anti-Communist education program in his Division. And that was unforgivable!

Following a smear campaign in the "American" press, MG Walker was relieved of his command and returned to the United States. On 31 May 1961, MG Walker's "Pro-Blue" education program was shut down on orders from Robert McNamara's Department of Defense. Senator William Fulbright, who had a long record of pro-Communist and pro-United Nations activism in Congress, quickly followd with the "Fulbright Memorandum" which, approved by President Kennedy and Secretary of Defense McNamara, muzzled military leaders' public opposition to both foreign and domestic Communism. A general purge of anti-Communist military commanders followed. The rest were cowed into silence.

On 04 November 1961, MG Walker resigned his commission in the U.S. Army so he could carry on his anti-Communist activism without fear of recalland the inevitable official censorship. In April 1962, MG Walker testified at the Senate "Muzzling of the Military" hearings in an attempt, that was foiled by the Communist sympathizers in Congress, to have the censorship of military anti-Communism lifted. The Kennedy administration retaliated, in October 1962, by having MG Walker involuntarily committed. Only the intercession of influential supporters, who secured his release, prevented General Walker from languishing in a federal "mental health" prison for the rest of his life -- for the Thought Crime of anti-Communism.

Despite repeated persecutions by the Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon administrations, MG Walker continued his anti-Communist activism well into the 1970s. Along with Generals MacArthur (cashiered for insisting upon winning the Korean War) and Patton (murdered because he intended to resign his commission and then expose who, precisely, was responsible for World War II), Major General Walker was the last American general who lived the motto, "Duty, Honor, Country," in his relentless fight against America's Communist enemies domestic.

40 Years Later...

We are living in a Communist country. Every single one of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto is a permanent part of federal law. Our military is the tool of the United Nations -- which is, in fact, the Communist International. Anti-Communism in our apolitical military has been so effectively muzzled that any criticism of political figures or government policy is a punishable offense.

The United States military has been completely surrendered to our enemies domestic with the complicity and through the duplicity of its "generals." At the behest of "Internationalists" our soldiers re routinely deployed on "peacekeeping" and "humanitarian" missions which have nothing to do with our national defense. At the behest of "Globalists" our military routinely trains the armies of foreign countries which have declared themselves enemies of America.

Our military has become so mercenary that it is now almost 50% minorities (some of whom are not even U.S. citizens), over 15% female, and the overriding concern of most soldiers and sailors is not their duty but their pay, bonuses, and benefits. Cultural Marxists in the universities and Department of Defense have turned our military into a social engineering laboratory. "Diversity" and "multiculturalism" within the military are enforced by a political commissariat which is comprised largely of minorities, females, and homosexuals. Our military has become so effeminate that basic training, which used to turn anarchic civilians into disciplined soldiers, is now little more than "self-paced" child-care. Recruits are "nurtured" through training by "mentors," not drill sergeants. The ideal of Duty has been replaced by "consideration of others." The ideal of Honor has been superseded by "values training" (just whose "values," precisely, are never explained). And Country -- the ideal of nationalism -- has been supplanted by notions of "global community."

This is the state of the military today. However, all is not black. There exists an anti-Communist organization of active duty and retired soldiers who, in the spirit of Major General Edwin A. Walker, are combating Bolshevism and Bolshevist influences within the military.

What is the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society?

The Major General Edwin A. Walker Society was started in 1999 as a closed, anti-Communist association of active duty and retired officers and noncommissioned officers who have taken upon themselves the mission of combating the communistic forces of Cultural Marxism(i.e. political correctness), "multiculturalism," the United Nations and Boshevist influences in the military. The Major General Edwin A. Walker Society performs that mission through its biannual anti-Communist journal, The Resister, the most strident anti-Communist publication in America, and through its bimonthly newsletter, Periodic Intelligence Report, which comments on current affairs within the military and the effects of Bolshevism on morale, readiness and national defense.

The Major General Edwin A. Walker Society also serves as a rally point for patriotic, nationalist soldiers who who oppose communistic influences within the military, the subordination of the U.S. military to the United Nations, "peacekeeping," and the host of Bolshevik policies which have turned the military into a social engineering laboratory. The Major General Edwin A. Walker Society is a center of resistance for soldiers and sailors who are undeceived about the content and purpose of the Communism-derived brainwashing they are subjected to on a regular basis.

Now, in order to expand our anti-Communist activism within the military, the Major General Edwin A. Walker Soceity is opening its ranks to general membership.

Why You Should Join the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society

What sort of military do we want? A military of apolitical mercenaries whose "Internationalist" and "Globalist" preoccupation is "enemies" foreign, while the country they "server" slips further into domestic Bolshevist tyranny and "multicultural" anarchy and barbarism? Or do we want a patriotic, nationalist military who are equally concerned about defending their nation from enemies foreign as they are in cleaning house of our enemies domestic, then insuring those enemies domestic never again threaten the nation? We already have the former. But without your support of the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society it is a dead certainty we will never have the latter.

There are numerous organizations which talk about the communizations of the U.S. military and the consequences of Bolshevik Cultural Marxism upon military policies and national defense. There are several groups who lobby, always unsuccessfully, for milquetoast "reform" of the military. But only the Major General Edwain A. Walker Society works inside the military to oppose Bolshevist policies by distributing our anti-Communist literature within the military and bringing anti-Communist soldiers together in common cause.

The central idea underpinning the Major General Edwain A. Walker Society is that only the military is capable of leading America out of its political and social chaos. By joining the Major General Edwain A. Walker Society, and by supporting our efforts, you will be a part of the solution.

By becoming a member of the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society you will directly contribute to and support anti-Communist, anti-United Nations, and anti-Cultural Marxism activism within the military. You will ensure the continuing production of the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society's publications, The Resister and Periodic Intelligence Report, and their continued distribution throughout the U.S. military. And by joining the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society you will become a member of a highly select organization that works to restore the martial ethos of "Duty, Honor, Country" to our military and elevate its status to the moral and ethical bulwark of society -- instead of the degenerate "reflection of society" it has become.

What are the benefits of joining the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society?

Members of the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society receive Periodic Intelligence Report, the 12 page bimonthly newsletter of the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society, and The Resister, our 100 page semiannual journal.

Periodic Intelligence Report covers ongoing events within the military with emphasis on the destructive effects of Cultural Marxism and social engineering policies are having on training, readiness and morale. Each issue contains editorials, articles, news and analysis of current events inside the military not available in the "mainstream" press because our sources are active duty soldiers and retirees reporting from inside the military.

The Resister is the political warfare journal of the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society. Each issue concentrates on the history of America's destruction from within, political and social commentary, and unconventional warfare with emphasis on those subjects which directly or indirectly effect the military. Undeceived, Unreconstructed, and Unrepentant, The Resister is the most hard hitting anti-Communist "underground newsletter" in the U.S. Army Special Forces, The Resister is not available only to members of the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society.


The membership dues of the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society are $20.00 per month. (There is a one-time processing fee of $20.00.) If so desired, members may pay their dues quarterly or annually. Quarterly dues are $60.00 every three months. Annual dues are $220.00 per annum.

Members will receive a monthly, quarterly or annual statement of dues owed depending on their payment option. Failure to pay one's dues by the suspense date on the statement will result in automatic termination of membership and suspension of receipt of publications. This is a military organization. Membership incurs the duty and obligation to pay your dues when they are owed. The membership list of the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society will never be traded, rented, leased or sold, nor otherwise made available to third parties.

Our Enemies Domestic know that the U.S. military is the most serious threat to their ongoing communization of America, which is why their "social engineering" attacks upon the military are relentless. Join the Major General Edwin A. Walker Society today, and support the last bastion of uncomprimising, unrepentant resistance against the Bolshevization of America.

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