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The Resister

The Political Warfare Journal of the Special Forces Underground

Statement of Policy (Volume II Number 4)

The philosophy of The RESISTER is straightforward. Individual rights, strict constitutionalism, limited government, isolationism, laissez-faire capitalism, and republicanism; in short, the principles upon which this nation was founded.

We oppose: statism, socialism, collectivism, racism, altruism, internationalism, tribalism, unlimited democracy, pull politics, and the "New World Order;" in short, the ideologies of all tyrannies.

Our philosophical framework is Objectivism* (the rational morality of self-interest--LIFE). Our political philosophy is grounded in the works of the Framers of the Constitution (government as servant, not master-- LIBERTY). Our economic philosophy is laissez-faire capitalism (the origin of true rights--PROPERTY).

We do not advocate the overthrow of the U.S. Government. We do advocate resistance to government tyranny. We do not advocate the initiation of force in doing so. We do advocate appropriate force-in-kind in retaliation. We advocate active resistance against the United Nations. Our goal is the restoration of the Constitutional Republic and to see the government chained to the walls of its constitutional prison.

  • *The editors of this publication accept Objectivism as their philosophical base; however, we are not spokesmen for Objectivism and we alone are responsible for the views expressed here.

From Volume I Number 3

FIELD REPORT: The Truth About Haiti

by Richard Crossman

Port-au-Prince, 15 December, 1994

Sunday, 18 September, 1994, as Special Forces soldiers of Task Force Raleigh (3rd SFGA) at the Intermediate Support Base in Guantanamo Cuba were making their final equipment checks, charging their magazines and cross- loading their excess team gear and ammunition among team members, GEN Wayne Downing, CinC United States Special Operations Command, wandered through tent city offering words of inspiration. His most prophetic statement was: "Special Forces is going to make history in Haiti."

True. On 19 September, 1994, for the first time in history, at the behest of the racists of the Congressional Black Caucus, their communist TransAfrica allies, and in the name of the United Nations, the executive branch of the United States government willingly and knowingly, in violation of the war making powers delegated to Congress by the Constitution, deployed the United States Army to Haiti for the expressed purpose of installing a COMMUNIST government and ensuring its success by force of arms.

The Intelligence Estimates issued with pre-invasion Operations Plans and the Intelligence Annexes issued with Operations Orders to units planning for the 18 September, 1994, invasion were worse than useless. Summary descriptions of various political factions were largely based on refugee debriefs, official State Department political analyses and United Nations reports of alleged "human rights" abuse rather than fact.

An indicator of just how false the pre-occupation press coverage and finished political intelligence was occurred in mid-August. United States Ambassador to Haiti, William Swing invited expatriate Americans living in Haiti to the embassy for a meeting to discuss their views on the impending United States invasion to restore Aristide. Mr. Terry Anderson, an Independent Baptist missionary who has lived in Haiti for over 10 years and who was present at Swing's meeting told one of our observers that the meeting was a farce.

"Everybody present," recounted Anderson, "emphatically opposed both the invasion and bringing back Aristide." "For over an hour," he continued, "we told him about Aristide's past, his lunatic ravings, his communist connections, and the necklacing on his political opponents, on his orders, by his followers. We told him that since the coup no American had been threatened, but when Aristide was president it wasn't safe to walk the streets at night. We told him of Aristide's hatred of the United States and even showed him transcripts of his speeches where he calls the United States a 'demon' nation. Swing never responded to anything we tried to tell him. He ended the meeting without comment."

With rare exceptions whatever was printed, televised or broadcast about conditions in Haiti prior to the occupation was a deliberate lie. The hysterical anti-Cedras propaganda campaign waged by the American media throughout the spring and summer of 1994 (and mirrored in intelligence documentation issued to units deploying to Haiti) was carefully crafted to portray the followers of Aristide's Lavalas movement as defenseless puppy- huggers desperately trying to bring "democracy" to Haiti while enduring brutal "right-wing" terror and oppression at the hands of the Forces Armee d'Haiti (FAd'H), their Attaches, and the Front for the Advancement of the Haitian People (FRAPH). The truth is exactly the opposite.

In order to define what the Lavalas movement is, and who belongs to it, it is helpful to place it in context with American society.

If every street gang, vagrant, opportunistic criminal, welfare moocher, labor union agitator and unemployed layabout, homosexual, drug addict, ethnic tribalist, and other assorted street garbage formed a loose political coalition; whose cadre consisted of high school and college "students" putting into practice the collectivist lessons of their teachers and professors; the leader of this organization was an insane TV evangelist; and this "movement" was lent legitimacy by some foreign government and received sympathetic coverage from the media; this, then, would define Aristide's Lavalas movement.

These are "the people" upon whom the media, the Clinton administration and communist special interest groups in the United States adore and lavish so much attention on. Simply put, the Lavalas are the lazy, inept, stupid, corrupt, opportunistic and incompetent of Haitian society. Predictably, their understanding of democracy is nearly perfect: the biggest mob rules, therefore the biggest mob makes the rules and grabs the loot.

Whenever communists comprehend that their evil has been recognized for what it is they simply change their lexicon. What was once called state planning is now called "managed competition." What was once called world peace is now called the New World Order. In like manner, what was called communism is now called "democracy."

The vilification of General Cedras and his political supporters is descriptive of the ultimate goal of the United Nations directed occupation of Haiti: destruction of the Haitian middle class in order to bring Haiti into the collectivist "world community."

The Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti (FRAPH) has been universally reviled by the American media and the communist propaganda machine as a paramilitary extremist organization. Because news reports leading up to the occupation focused almost entirely on its alleged campaign of terror waged against "the people" it is illustrative to define what FRAPH was and who made up its membership.

Although FRAPH was officially established as a political party in 1993, it actually dated back to the mid 1980's. It was originally founded as an anti-communist resistance movement coincident with the rise of the communist "Little Church" liberation theology movement run by Aristide.

The FRAPH leadership was largely ex-military. FRAPH membership was a representative cross section of the Haitian middle class, consisting mainly of property owners, businessmen, farmers, tradesmen, craftsmen, and both blue and white collar workers. The equivalent of FRAPH, in an American context, would be the VFW and the American Legion forming a political party. The hated Attaches were in fact nothing more than a community watch organization that augmented FAd'H Casernes and Advanced Posts. In other words, FRAPH represented the interests of those Haitians who were reasonably competent and intelligent and who were, by Haitian standards, successful. Their unforgivable crime was defending their success and livelihoods against the envious.

Simply put, the FAd'H, FRAPH and Attaches represented the competent, able and successful of Haitian society and they did not hesitate to defend their interests against the moochers, looters and parasites coalesced as the Lavalas movement. Then the United States Army under the command of the United Nations arrived and threw them to the jackals.

In early October Special Forces ODAs fanned out to establish United States presence in the outlying towns. They were greeted by hysterical mobs jogging through the street singing in unison in typical African fashion. The words to the most popular song were self explanatory to any with the ears to listen; "When Titid (Aristide) gets back you're going to pay, we'll have our revenge."

The reason for the hysteria was quite simple. The Lavalas believed that the Americans had arrived to allow them to do whatever they wanted; loot businesses, expropriate and redistribute property, and murder the FAd'H, FRAPH and Attaches. It was a belief grounded in their observation of American actions.

The communist and United Nations propaganda about Haiti defined the operational parameters for Special Forces units occupying small towns and cities in the hinterland.

The first order of business was to disarm the FAd'H. Since this action normally occurred in direct sight of a shrieking mob of "the people" this would incite them into a murderous frenzy and more often then not the disarmed Haitian soldiers had to be physically protected from "people's justice." In consequence many Haitian soldiers deserted at the first convenient opportunity in justifiable fear of their lives, and those who remained at their casernes played a quiet game of passive resistance and feigned incompetence.

The second order of business was to gain de facto control over the political and judicial system. This was generally accomplished by holding a "town meeting" where officials of the disposed government were seated before "the people." Although ostensibly chaired by the detachment commander this "town meeting" was actually run by Lavalas gangsters who put forth an agenda fed to them by priests and catholic lay workers of the "Little Church" movement. Through threats and intimidation backed up by the presence of U.S. soldiers the existing political and judicial structure was effectively demolished. Without exception the theme of these meetings revolved around the "people's demands" that the FAd'H, FRAPH and the Attaches be disarmed.

The third order of business was the disarming of the Haitian middle class. (Here, context is extremely important. Under Haitian law prior to the occupation it was legal to own virtually any weapon one desired short of crew served weapons so long as one kept it in one's home for personal protection. This means, possession of a select fire Galil, or an Uzi, was legal so long as one had the necessary permit issued by the FAd'H. In other words, if you could afford it you could own it. Attaches and police auxiliaries were frequently issued (that means they signed for) M-1 rifles and CS grenades in connection with their official duties. These weapons were kept in their homes.)

Weapons confiscation proceeded on the basis of lists of "enemies of the people" (known or suspected FRAPH members, Attaches, businessmen and property owners) supplied to the detachment by Lavalas "delegates," priests, State Department USAID workers and, in more than one instance, American journalists. Additional lists were supplied by Christian Peacemaking Teams, an organization with close ties to the Communist Party United States of America (CPUSA) and the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), and whom Special Forces detachments were ordered by Joint Special Operations Task Force (which took its orders from the United Nations) to render every assistance and support.

Warrantless searches of residences for weapons "caches" were generally based on rumor and anonymous "tips." With rare exceptions these searches turned up nothing. Subsequent to these searches the targeted residences would be looted by "the people." The weapons buy-back program came to be referred to as the "Snitch-off-a-Relative Program." Teen-age hoodlums would either rob the houses of their relatives and sell the weapons to the Americans, or lead detachment members to relative's houses, break into the house in their presence, and sell the weapons on the spot.

Current United Nations plans call for a continued presence of Special Forces in Haiti for at least two years. 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) will maintain a continuous presence in Haiti of one augmented Forward Operations Base (FOB(+)). Both 1st SFGA and 5th SFGA will have an Advanced Operations Base (AOB(+)) OPCON to 3rd SFG's FOB(+), alternating six month rotations. In addition, both the 19th SFGA and 20th SFGA (National Guard) will be federalized in early January, 1995; each providing an AOB(+) OPCON to 3rd SFG's FOB(+) in Haiti.

By the time the United Nations declares Haiti "a stable and secure environment for democracy" a majority of United States Army Special Forces soldiers will have had extensive training and experience in internal security operations and maintaining "domestic order."

From Volume I Number 3

Special Forces Underground in Haiti

The following is an synthesis of several reports

forwarded by our members currently deployed to Haiti.

Immediately upon arrival in an operational area we met with senior non-commissioned officers of the FAd'H and arranged a meeting with senior representatives of FAd'H, Attaches and FRAPH. This was not as easy as it sounds given the treatment these groups had received in Port-au-Prince and Cap Haitian in late September. It called for a very blunt cold-pitch describing our hatred of communism and our official mission. Dicey; but when we explained how we could help them they almost always agreed.

The first thing we did was identify the most active anti-communists in the Attaches and FRAPH and told them to take long vacations and go visit relatives on the other side of the island.

Second, we informed them about the plans and timetables for weapons confiscation and told them how to disappear their functional firearms while keeping broken and otherwise useless weapons available to sell during the weapons buy-back program.

Third, we identified the Lavalas leadership, their friends and associates, and collected from the FAd'H any information they had on them including criminal records.

Fourth, we told FRAPH members to stay out of politics, mind their jobs and businesses and let the communists expose their true agendas. This was risky, but in the towns where this plan was implemented _every_ violent crime involving politics was directly attributable to the Lavalas.

Fifth, we waged a clandestine offensive against the Lavalas (details omitted; ed.) which in our operational areas managed to drive at least the leadership back underground.

Finally, we have established an escape line to help FAd'H, ex-Attaches and ex-FRAPH members under threat of arrest from the communists reach relative safety in the Dominican Republic.

Excerpt from Palm Beach Post Times, 8 December 1995, pp. 5A

HAITI: GIs aided foes

WASHINGTON - The government of Haiti suggested Thursday that some U.S. Special Forces troops have helped Haitian army officers and militia members hide their guns to avoid confiscation, and it demanded an investigation to determine whether the practice is continuing.

The demand for an inquiry - lodged by a top aid to President Jean-Bertrand Aristide - was in response to an article in The RESISTER...

In that article, published last January, writers claiming to be Special Forces soldiers who served in Haiti described helping Haitian soldiers and militiamen avoid arrest and stash their weapons to avoid a confiscation program that was official U.S. and U.N. policy.

From Volume II Number 2

Open Letter to Our Readers

Capitalists Armed!

Since it was introduced in June 1994, The RESISTER has become one of the most popular antifederalist publications in the United States. This is remarkable because it is a clandestine publication produced by United States Army Special Forces soldiers. The RESISTER is the psychological warfare organ of the Special Forces Underground. SFU is an association of Special Forces soldiers who know that taking no action against this nation's unchecked decent into socialism and totalitarianism is the very antithesis of their responsibility to defend the Constitution "...against all enemies, foreign and domestic..." and to "...bear true faith and allegiance to the same."

The Army Chain of Command's response to The RESISTER is a frightening indicator of the political course this nation is following. It has been smeared by communists as an "extremist" publication, without of course the term "extremism" ever being defined. (They mean it is anti-communist.) It has been reviled by racists as a "supremacist" publication, without of course the term "supremacist" ever being defined. (They mean it is anti- multiculturalist.) It has been officially banned from military libraries and bases, despite regulations that explicitly protect it from such arbitrary actions, and rulings by MACOM Judge Advocates General and Inspectors General that The RESISTER is legal. Its authors, observers, and associates have been hunted and threatened with expulsion from the military if caught. Mere possession of The RESISTER by military personnel carries the implied threat of punitive punishment, and vocal support of The RESISTER and its policies has been punished by the arbitrary use of force by fraud.

This official response is singularly unsettling considering the official policy statement of the Special Forces Underground:

"The philosophy of the Special Forces Underground and The RESISTER is straightforward: individual rights, strict constitutionalism, limited government, isolationism, laissez-faire capitalism, and republicanism; in short, the principles upon which this nation was founded.

We oppose: statism, socialism, collectivism, racism, altruism, internationalism, unlimited democracy, pull politics, and the "New World Order," in short, the ideologies of all tyrannies."

Consider the logical implications of the official response to The RESISTER when juxtaposed to the above stated philosophy of the Special Forces Underground.

The Special Forces Underground and The RESISTER are the only pro- constitutional, pro-capitalist, pro-isolationist voice in the United States military. We will never compromise with communists, socialists or totalitarians on any issue. This begs the question, "What principles do you want the United States Army to stand for?"

Would you prefer an Army of patriots willing to fight to preserve the unalienable rights of individuals, or an Army of politically correct sycophants driven by the range-of-the-moment whims of whatever mob gains momentary ascendancy?

Would you prefer an Army devoted to defending the original, strictly defined, constitutional limits on government power, or an Army of toadies serving whatever political gang decides the Constitution is a "living document" they can manipulate at will?

Would you prefer an Army dedicated to the defense of a sovereign America against foreign aggression, and devoted to its legitimate sovereign interests, or an Army subordinate to a United Nations founded by communists, run by communists, and dedicated to one-world communism?

Would you prefer an Army that unflinchingly defends capitalism, the guarantor of true liberty, or an Army of socialist serfs?

Would you prefer an Army subordinate to civilian control in a constitutional republic, or an Army subject to the dictates of the latest totalitarian darling of competing gangs of democracy worshipping collectivists fighting over the ruins of capitalism for their "fair share" of the loot?

Would you prefer an Army in which advancement and promotion was based solely on individual merit, or an Army dedicated to tribal balkanization and the racist policy of so-called affirmative action?

The Special Forces Underground has made it clear that we stand for the former conditions in the above questions without exception or compromise. We reject ALL socialist premises. The opposition, by their words and deeds, clearly advocates the later conditions. Their official pronouncement that they find The RESISTER "objectionable" speaks volumes about where their true loyalties lay. The opposition's fear of The RESISTER is the unspoken fear of all tyrannies: independent thought.

Since its inception, Special Forces Underground has been slowly gathering together the few remaining true patriots in the United States military; soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who will not compromise on the principles of individual rights, strict constitutionalism, limited government (unalterably divided by separation of its legislative, judicial and executive powers), isolationism, laissez-faire capitalism, and constitutional republicanism. Given the climate of fear perpetuated by the socialist opposition this is no easy task.

The RESISTER is the psychological warfare voice of the Special Forces Underground. The purposes of The RESISTER are to 1) educate the U.S. military about the true meaning and intent of the Constitution they took an oath to defend, 2) expose the Marxists, internationalists, and statists in the U.S. military and shine a light on their activities, and 3) coalesce the capitalist resistance against communism and socialism.

Special Forces Underground raises funds to continue our fight against socialism by subscriptions to The RESISTER, through its subsidiary, the Militia Free Press, and by the voluntary donations of sympathizers and supporters. In other words, our fund raising is unashamedly capitalistic. If you truly desire to live as a free man (a condition possible only under capitalism) we ask for your voluntary support to help us educate the U.S. military about their constitutional responsibilities, and educate the militia--the armed citizenry--how to resist tyranny and the unspeakable evils of socialism, in all their guises.

Life, Liberty, Property

J.F.A. Davidson

Excerpt from New York Times News Service, 15 December 1995

The possible existence of a right-wing underground within the Special Forces presents more difficult issues, for it is these highly trained and skilled unconventional warfare units that are the Army's cutting edge in deploying troops in brush-fire wars, Third World flare-ups and the bitter nationalist conflicts unleashed by the end of the Cold War.

"Their ideas are basically the white Christian militia mentality," said Michael Reynolds, who has been tracking the group, known as the Special Forces Underground, for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

From Volume II Number 3

Admiral Macke: Sacrificial Animal in the Abattoir of Feminism

Admiral Richard Macke, Commander in Chief, Pacific Command (CINCPAC), was forced to retire because he committed an unpardonable crime. During an interview with reporters regarding the rape of an Okinawan girl, allegedly by a sailor and two Marines, Admiral Macke remarked in passing, "...for the price they paid to rent the car they could have had a girl." In other words, they could have bought a whore for the price of the rental car they used to abduct the girl. Admiral Macke's unpardonable crime was that he told the truth.

His simple truthful statement shocked the tender sensibilities of the liberal press, and irrational people such as Senator Dianne Feinstein. Feinstein said she was stunned by Admiral Macke's remarks. "I would say to Navy Secretary John Dalton," she fumed, "your guys still don't get it. You better teach 'em, or else." (Senator Joseph Biden, a feminist tag-along, remarked that he would have "ripped [the Admiral's] ears off" for his remark; a statement he made from the safety of his office, 6,000 miles away.)

Note for the record that facts stun Dianne Feinstein. This is not surprising because she and her gang of female irrationalists live in a fantasy world where women have full metaphysical equality with men. Not because they've achieved it by virtue of their own merit, rather because they demand it. Note also the blatant threat to run yet more feminists roughshod over the Navy.

"Or else" what, Dianne? You and all your feminist gangsters will make life more miserable for men in the military than you already have? What are you going to do, demand even more undefined, whimsical "regulations" dealing with the feminist sophistry of "sexual harassment?" Perhaps you mean that you and your gang will extend your reason hating, anti-male pogrom beyond the Navy, to all branches of the military.

"Rape isn't about money, and it isn't about sex," Feinstein ranted. "It's about power over women, and it's a very degrading, terrible, major felony." Note here that Feinstein equates prostitution to rape. An impossible contradiction, but consistent with her "logic." Like all sophists, Feinstein posits a truth ("Rape isn't about money...") and then states a lie ("...and it isn't about sex.") The truth is a little less hysterical. Prostitution is a business transaction FOR sex; rape is the THEFT of sex. This does not trivialize the crime of rape, it simply puts it in perspective.

But the essence of Feinstein's statement has nothing to do with prostitution or rape. Her real objection is to "power over women," which reveals everything about her mental state and nothing about her objection to the crime. Because Dianne Feinstein is a dictator at heart.

In 1874, at the beginning of the Suffragette Movement, an anonymous editorialist for The Eclectic Magazine wrote: "The love of liberty and the desire of being governed by law alone appears to be characteristically male...[I]f power were put into the hands of the woman, free government, and with it liberty of opinion, would fall." Given the full impact and fall-out of the feminist movement in academia and politics over the past 30 years those were prophetic words indeed. Dianne Feinstein, Patricia Schroeder, Janet Reno, Donna Shalala, Ruth Ginsburg, Hillary Clinton, Mary Berry, and others of the Marxist-feminist dictator clique in our universities and government have said and done nothing to contradict the general truth of the above observation.

A simple fact, known to anybody who has traveled in Asia, is that a whore can be bought for what amounts to pocket change. If you have standards or specific desires the price rises proportionally. But in all cases you will get what you pay for. This is called a business transaction. Females everywhere have been selling sex since the first female discovered that all she had to do to get an extra piece of mastodon meat was stick her butt in the air.

Admiral Macke did not trivialize the rape of the Japanese girl or condone prostitution by his statement of fact. Nonetheless, he was herded into the abattoir of feminism and eviscerated. If some woman on his headquarters staff had said the same thing, she would have been held up as an example of enlightened female leadership.

George Orwell, in his prophetic novel 1984, describes the essence of the Marxist-feminist dictator clique within academia, government in general, and the federal government in particular: "It was always the women..." wrote Orwell, "who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy." Truer words were never spoken.

Speaking only for myself, whenever I hear a speech delivered by Feinstein, Schroeder, Reno, Shalala, Ginsburg, Berry, Clinton, or any other feminist ideologue demanding this or that socialist program, or another whimsical law, I buy more ammunition or another gold coin.

The most disgusting aspect of Admiral Macke's forced retirement is that he apologized for his remark. We are certain Admiral Macke considers himself a rational man. However, rational men do not apologize for telling the truth.

Melancton Smith

From Volume II Number 4, "Correspondence"

To the Editor (or Associate Editor.) Did it ever occur to you that you may have had [sic] women readers when you (Melancton Smith) wrote "Admiral Macke: Sacrificial Animal in the Abattoir of Feminism?" (Vol. II, No.3, Winter 1996.)

I guess not. You probably think women are too busy nagging their husbands to death or out fighting a sexual-harassment suit.

Why the stereo-type [sp]? Are we [sic] feeling a little insecure about our own gender? Huh? Could it be that?

Well, I suggest that you take your sexist, primitive, fascist, disillusioned, bigoted, hypocritical "Warfare Journal" and a nice big shovel, and really go "underground." About 6 feet. No, wait, better make that 12 feet. Afterall [sp], you gotta [sp] have room for that Big Fat Head of yours. Also, you always complain about the government, when it's assholes [sp] like you that [sic] are running it.

Now, go fuck yourselves, and leave politics to someone who knows what they're talking about.


Jenkintown, PA

After due consideration of the [above] exhibit consisting of such logical, rational, literate and polite arguments, entered into evidence by the charming lady -- I rest my case.

Melancton Smith

...Now, some questions. Do you plan any articles regarding how to deal with this confiscation problem? Do you fight them at the door, as a lot of people suggest, or do you make sure that the important guns are unavailable at the time of the door knock?


Allegheny County, PA

If you fight them at the door you are playing by their rules. With regard to confiscation, mark your timing. When the obvious can no longer be denied, if you have any firearm of martial utility, disappear it, along with a case of ammo. It must be either a 5.56 or 7.62mm NATO weapon. Put a "For Sale" ad for your "disappeared" gun in the paper. Stop the ad about a week later. The buyer will have been somebody who cannot be traced. Confiscation will begin with a universal "buy-back." From that point forward, you are playing for "keeps."

From Volume II Number 4

Red Net

According to Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, "America's leading expert on hate groups," Kenneth Stern, American Jewish Committee's expert on hate, "America's leading expert on the militia movement," and Morris Dees, co-founder of Southern Poverty Law Center, "America's leading expert on extremist groups," the internet is a seething hotbed of hate- mongers, bomb recipes, and racism. The target of this tirade, of course, is dissent against socialism, government excesses, and multiculturalism.

Claims by ADL, AJC and SPLC, among others, that the internet has been hijacked by the "far right" is disingenuous at best. Since the moment university and Department of Defense computers were integrated into what is now referred to as the internet, the reds have had virtually uncontested control of it. The gushing promotion of the "information super highway" by government was aimed at exposing as many public school drones as possible to the red-net. What frightens the reds about the patriot movement's relatively recent discovery of the internet, is that their information monopoly is being sidestepped.

We bring your attention to an organization called International Global Communications (IGC). According to IGC's web homepage, "Serving the environmental and progressive movements since 1986, IGC currently links over 13,000 members and an additional 20,000 activists and organizations via our membership in the Association for Progressive Communications, with local access in over 133 countries." Describing their agenda, "The Institute of Global Communications, through its IGC Networks -- PeaceNet, EcoNet, ConflictNet, LaborNet and now, WomensNet -- serve individuals and organizations working toward peace, environmental protection, human rights, social and economic justice, sustainable and equitable development, health, and nonviolent conflict resolution." In case you hadn't noticed, those are all traditional communist bromides.

The Association for Progressive Communications states on its homepage, "APC has been instrumental in forging communication links between NGOs and the United Nations." That's not all. APC boasts that it "works closely with several United Nations agencies to make them and their information more accessible to NGOs. APC has recently been granted Consultative Status, Category 1, to the United Nations."

If you have any trouble actually finding IGC and APC on the internet, (, you can always find a link to their myriad addresses on the web homepage of the Communist Party USA (http// And don't forget to visit the Maoist International Movement (, which is accessed through New York Transfer (, a "progressive" news clearinghouse. As a bonus, MIM will point you to their Black Panther allies.

Admitting that his ultimate goal is the abrogation of the 1st Amendment, Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, stated at a recent press conference, "Extremists are peddling their hate down a new road, the information superhighway, and millions traveling that same road are unwittingly finding signs that lead them to sites filled with racist and anti-Semitic propaganda."

Foxman wants everybody who refuses to accept his professional victimhood silenced. He thus contends that people are too stupid to make their own decisions about what they should or should not read, or decide for themselves if what they read is true or false. Like all frustrated dictators, Foxman knows what is best for you.

a very special article from The Resister...

The Logic of Illogic