Ladies and gentlemen,

Many, if not most of you are in favor of a powerful, intrusive government. I'm here, today to tell you why The United Individualists of America has decided that the state of KY is not salvageable and will therefore be left behind for the looting hordes as we expel the east coast from the union.

The United Individualist of America is a project involving individualist from many states who are focusing their efforts on establishing a refuge for freedom by focusing on states with citizens receptive to the ideas of liberty.

Many of you here today are quite concerned about UN activities in the U.S.A. You fear that the UN is invading the U.S. both militarily and ideologically. Some of you point to the presence of white military vehicles with blue UN lettering and concluded that a UN takeover of the U.S. is imminent.

I've come today to tell you that the UN is not a force »out there«, but a force arising from the corruption within each of you. The fascists nature of the UN is not the ideology of an invader, but the ideology implicit in the fundamental ideas that each of you hold.

The UN, in fact is an instrument of U.S. tyranny. I mean, who the hell do you think pays for the UN? The United States. Who the hell builds the United Nations Building? The United States. Who supplies the bulk of UN weaponry? The United States. The UN is largely a foreign policy arm of the U.S.

The U.N. is one step removed from U.S. foreign policy and is one step further along the philosophical continuum toward tyranny. Both the UN and the US governments are a direct result of the ideas that each of you hold. Many, if not most, of you hold corrupt views of the purpose of government.

I suppose that statement grates on your ear. Let me rhetorically ask then, what is the proper purpose of government? Some of you tell me that government should incarcerate drug users. Some of you tell me that government should guarantee the wholesomeness of the broadcast media. Some of you demand that the government improve education. Some of you insist that government make social security solvent. Others of you call for the government to enforce sex ordinances. Others demand that government establish mandatory recycling programs. Others call for government to interfere with trade. Others want government to join in a partnership with business with subsidies. Others want government to develop public transportation. More still seek restrictive immigration policies. Some of you even cry for government health care. Some of you want government to create jobs. Another bunch wants government to provide mail service. Some of you demand that guns be kept out of the hands of criminals. And some few of you even demand that guns be removed from private hands.

If you support any one of these functions of government, you are unwittingly inviting the UN blue helmets to police your neighborhood.

But then, you ask, »what is the proper function of government?« Well, first we must understand what government is. Government, to borrow George Washington's style, is not persuasion, it is not eloquence, it is not reason, government is force. We then must ask ourselves: »when is the use of force justified?«

The only proper and moral use of force is to resist and/or retaliate against those who initiate the use of force. This means that the only proper function of government is the military to resist and retaliate against foreign aggressors, and the police and courts to handle domestic criminals.

Everything else is beyond the bounds of a proper government. Force should not be used to force people to support school systems or churches they believe are corrupt. Force should not be used to prevent an adult from destroying himself with chemicals. Force should not be used to compel publishers, TV producers and movie moguls to comply with some community standards of decency. Force should not be used to compel workers to »contribute« to a Ponzi styled retirement scheme. Force should not be initiated against consenting adults who engage in »queer« sexual acts. You should not force others to recycle their aluminum cans. No one should have the audacity to use force to prevent me from exchanging goods with any non-combatant citizen of the world. No one should be forced to support »public« mass transit. No one should be forced to provide me with health care. No one can force me to hire or work for or with any other person or corporation. And you damn well better not try to forcibly take my arms.

Each of you individually have your one little peeve. Some one little exception to the proper use of force. Some one special circumstance that you FEEL requires the use of government backed force. Each of you individually are not tyrants, but each of you, when cemented with all others in your community and state, make up the edifice of tyranny.

You say you want to smash the Federal chains that bind us, but is it only so that you can secure us with the state chains, the county chains and the city chains?

Because control is in you, because envy is in you, because powerlust is in you and because the UN is in you, The United Individualist of America will not be focusing on Kentucky. If I am wrong about you in particular, if you really want to live in liberty and agree to leave your neighbor to do the same, you are encouraged to immigrate to UIA.

For the rest of you, when the US/UN troops come: »brother you asked for it!«